A Passion for Paws Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit dedicated to saving the lives of
    Akitas and other dogs in need. We rescue and support dogs including veterinary costs, food and
    temporary housing until the dogs can be adopted into their forever homes. We are a NO KILL
    rescue organization that survives entirely on donations. We are these shelter dogs' last hope!

    Paxton David Weatherford
    (10/31/71 - 07/03/2004)

    You have served as an example
    of all we should strive to
    become. You were always a
    person who determined to do his
    best, worked to excel and
    committed to make a difference.
    Your compassion and kindness
    knew no limits and you always
    found a way. You lead by
    example, and you are the
    guardian angel of all these
    precious dogs we save and of all
    of us who work so hard to find
    the strength to do this important
    work. Thank you for showing us
    the way..
    A Passion for Paws Rescue  was founded in 2004 by Cheryl Weatherford to honor the memory of her son, Paxton
    David Weatherford who passed away unexpectedly from a rare form of cancer. Paxton loved animals and brought
    Cheryl her first Akita, an extra large white male Akita named Zeus who had survived a terrible fire at the animal
    shelter.  Zeus had the presence and appearance of a polar bear, the temperament of a lamb unless he or his family
    was threatened and then he would fight like a tiger, and the intellect of a being wise beyond the short time he was with
    us. Both of these rare individuals inspired an undying love for Akitas and dogs in need.
Zeus Weatherford (? - 2014)
    Since the beginning of A Passion for Paws, we have saved the lives of almost 1000 Akitas and other dogs.
    In 2006, A Passion for Paws became officially approved as a 501c3 non-profit charity organization.
    In 2010, established the Akita Ranch facility to provide for the temporary housing and care of dogs.
    We are the only Akita rescue organization in the Southwest United States that actively takes in dogs on a weekly,
    if not daily basis. We are a volunteer organization that relies on private donations to continue our mission to save
    Akitas and other dogs in need.   We could not accomplish our mission without the help of our generous supporters,
    friends and volunteers and we are very grateful to all those who also love and help Akitas and other dogs in need.